Don’t have a website…No worries…VouchitWeb will get you sorted…

When it comes to selling your gift vouchers online, a website is a must. If you don’t have a site already, don’t panic as we can get you up and running with a great looking, functional website in no time at all.

From a website design perspective we have a range of options to suit your budget and your wishes. We aim to make the design process as easy as possible for you. You tell us what you want from a design perspective, provide us with your content and we’ll work to get you online in no time at all.

In a world where a large portion of internet usage is consumed via mobile devices all of our designs are mobile responsive.

Content Management System

We use WordPress as the basis for all of our designs. This gives us a huge amount of flexibility in design and functionality and it allows you a simple, easy to use yet powerful back-end solution. Updating and adding content to your site is simple and efficient.

Design Options

Your design can be as simple or as complex as you like. From simple brochure sites to complex multi function sites we’ve got the tools to help you look good online.


All of our sites are modular so you we can add functionality to them over time without any major disruptions to your site. Ask us about your needs today.

Website Add-on Solutions

A website is more than just functional and beautiful design. It requires a range of other tools and services to keep it running smoothly.

At Vouchit we aim to simplify your experience by providing the following additional solutions to help maximise your website while at the same time minimising costs and administration

Domain Registration

Don’t have a domain name yet. We can help you by registering and managing your preferred domain name, whether it be .com, .ie or something else. Registrations cost €15-€40 p.a. depending on the type of domain you choose.

Web Hosting

For simplicity and cost efficiencies we offer competitively priced website hosting. From simple hosting, domain management through to e-Commerce hosting we’ve got you covered. Hosting starts at €7.50 + VAT p.m.


Websites are not a set and forget prospect. A poorly maintained and out of date website is a hackers dream. Our maintenance service provides back-ups, code up-dates and minor content and layout changes for a small monthly fee to make sure you and your site remain protected at all times.